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Employee Relations

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Practicing Law
  1. Follow Labor Standards Act, Gender Equality in Employment Act, etc.
  2. Set recruit, reward, resignation, retirement, promotion management guidelines.
  3. Hold regular labor conferences.
  4. Hold Assessment committees regularly to assess employee promotion.
  5. Set management methods for complaints, practices of Gender Equality in Employment Act and Employee Satisfaction Survey Program.
Work Security
  1. Training:Set Education and Training program, organize training budget yearly, and let employees submit training plan. New employees must undergo training, to strengthen techniques and enhance work performance.
  2. Work safety:We established a Health and Safety Department, which specializes in maintenance and improvement of employment health and safety.
  3. Insurance:Labor Pension Fund is also accordance with the law; National Health Insurance and Labor Insurance are covered. Employee group insurance is also provided.
  4. Health Examination:We provide free health examination for employees yearly.
  5. Welfare Activities:We established workers welfare committee and hold gathering dinners regularly. We also hold ball sports activities, travels and also subsidize for employee wedding, funeral and other events.

Environmental Protection

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Environmental Protection
  1. Set Waste Disposal management procedures; Hazardous substances sorted and illustration guides showing standard operating procedures.
  2. Comply with environmental laws and regulations, average waste disposal and industrial waste disposal all entrusted to legal waste management firms and has signed contracts, in order to assist recycling and reuse.
  3. Internally we promote energy saving, water conservation and 5S environmental policy to carry out environmental protection.

Community Participation

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Community Participation
  1. Encourage employees to be involved with community charity or serve as volunteers.
  2. Encourage employees to join community assistance programs and help financially. Our chairman of the board donates consistently every year to a variety of groups such as: National Hsinchu Girl’s Senior High School, Taoyuan Country Wun Chang Junior High School, etc.
Social Contribution
  1. Our company donates to various welfare groups, for example in 2013 we have donated to St. Joseph’s Social Welfare Foundation, the Association for Victims Support (AVS), Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, and more.
  2. Our company regularly donates to academic institutions.
  3. Our chairman of the board regularly donates to Sacred Heart Home and Dharma Drum Mountain foundation.

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CSR Report

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1. 2020 CSR Report
2. 2019 CSR Report
3. 2018 CSR Report
4. 2017 CSR Report
5. 2016 CSR Report
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