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Touch panel application More

Focus and Touch Panel TFT-LCD industry two wet equipment customer base, focusing on cleaning, etching process R & D and Total Solution Services (equipment manufacturing and technology transfer) provide, develop coordination, cooperation in production line manufacturing practices and process yield improvement, total create a win-win situation.

Glass Slimming Machine (GSM)

The machine is effective for thinning TFT-LCD and TP glasses with hydrofluoric acid (HF) through a dipping method. Its total-solution capabilities are useful for manufacturing, chemical dispensing sys

OGS 2nd Strengthen Machine (STE)

OGS or edge cover glass etching purpose is to modify the product through CNC machining defect after the issue of these products can be modified by etching the glass edges, can enhance the product's re

AG Glass Etch Machine (AGE)

Use physical means or chemical means to cover the glass surface is roughened, and then after chemical polishing process to reach a specific Haze, Gloss, transmittance product specifications, build pro

TFT-LCD Cell APR Plate Cleaner (APR)

TFT-LCD light sensor flex resin cleaning equipment, the use of NMP was removed PI APR board, and then with high-performance liquid cleaning process to remove NMP, not to hurt the APR process to ensure

High end Glass Cleaner (CLR)

The use of high-performance cleaning process with a special chemical formula will remove the glass particle, blank glass particle remove ratio 10μm more than 99% higher cleanliness requirements for gl

Flip-chip/packaging application More

Wafer bumping is an essential process for flip chip packaging. GPTC has invested significantly in the research and development the equipment for wafer bumping.

UBM Etcher

Flip-chip Packaging Application Wafer bumping is an essential process for flip chip packaging. GPTC specializes in the research and development of high-performance wafer bumping equipment.

TiW Etch

Titanium (Ti), titanium-tungsten (TiW) nitrogen and titanium tungsten (TiW (N)) and other UBM metal, has the dual properties: UBM can be used as the adhesion layer (Adhesion Layer) and the barrier lay

PR Stripper

Upon completion of the bump plating (Bump Electroplating), you must remove the photoresist on the substrate surface (PR Stripping), the microelectronic device structure using photoresist layer thickne

Dry Film Stripping

Since the negative photoresist to produce cross-linking action (Cross-linking), difficult to remove photoresist comparison, conventional photoresist stripping agent (PR Stripper) of NMP (N-methyl-pyrr

Flux clean

Application of the packaging process in that the flux cleaning, provide bumps on Reflow process, a clean surface. Flux uses to promote the mobility of the tin-lead, usually in the flux will add some a


Scrubber(Wafer clean) water cleaning machine is wafer surface to remove dust particles from outside wafer surface (particle)

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Photoelectric industry application More

In photoelectric industry, GPTC provides the application for GeAs wet etching, PSS phosphoric acid etching, RCA cleaning and roughness process.

GaAs etcher

Gallium arsenide is used in the manufacture of devices such as high frequency integrated circuits. GPTC provides single wafer equipment for GaAs wet etching process solution.

PSS High-temperature Phosphoric Acid Etching Process

Using standard lithography and dry etching to etch part of the P-type GaN layer, to expose the N-type GaN layer, and thus define light emitting regions and the electrode. After wet etching patterned s

RCA Clean Manufacturing Process

Semiconductor wafer manufacturing process has five pollutants: particulate, metallic impurities, organic pollutants and naturally occurring oxide layer on the wafer surface micro-roughness, commonly u

Micro-Roughness Surface Etching

The first step in the manufacture of solar cells is wafer cleaning (Wafer Cleaning). After cleaning the wafer, the surface to be roughened (Texture) process, since a flat silicon surface cause some re

Semiconductor front end process application More

GPTC provides material handling solutions for photomask cleaning, prime wafer cleaning and stress release in front end process.

EUV Mask Cleaner

GPTC provides quality, high-performance material handling solutions for photomask cleaning, prime wafer cleaning and stress release in front end process applications.

Prime Wafer Cleaning Process

Cleaning wet chemical cleaning (Wet Cleaning) technology to remove particulate material Xipian surfaces, organic or inorganic and the like.

Wafer Stress Release Etching Process

Silicon wafer back grinding defects arising generally include: grinding damage layer (damaged layer), crystal defects (Crystal Defect) and micro-cracks (Micro-crack), etc., through the silicon wet etc